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Unilateral Lifts with Best Damn Principles?

Hello Coach!
I am 39yo, 3 years in training,neuro type 2B, my goal is maximum hypertrophy.

I’ve been doing Best Damn program for 6 weeks and it felt great.
From your original workout plan I’ve switched romanian deadlift with hip thrust (felt Ok) and hyperextensions(didn’t felt good once I started to load weight), but once it got little bit heavier I had to exclude also front squat as all that bothered my low back.

Unfortunately, I have recurring lower back issues, and at this moment it seems that I have to exclude every lift that is minimaly taxing to lower back.

I really really really like to train and I would like to still have a chance for some progress, but now my options are pretty much limited.

I like BDW principles and it seems that I respond well to this type of training so I was wondering is there a way to incorporate some unilateral lifts, and if yes, how? Is it double work if I do each arm/leg?
I’ve had in mind lunges, 1 arm Kb press, maybe 1 leg kb deadlift…

Also, on some exercises that I can’t load much due to low back problem but I can do more reps, would it be possible to do rest-pause in higher rep range? For example glute ham raise or goblet squat?
Thank you very much