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Unilateral Lifts and Volume

I was thinking about the differences between unilateral and bilateral movements today, when this question came to mind.

When doing excercises such as one armed tricep extensions, is the volume considered the same as it would be if you were doing them bilaterally? For example, say you were doing a rep scheme of 4X6=total volume of 24. 4X6 for the left arm and 4X6 for the right arm, in a sense, doubles the volume, although you are technically hitting each arm with the same amount as you would doing a bilateral 4X6. When you think about it though, you are performing the extension movement 48 times as oppossed to 24.

I might be overthinking this, but I would like to get others take on this.

You’re over-thinking it. Unilateral movements do not double your total volume.