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Unilateral Leg Work with Ankle Disability

hey guys, so ive been thinking of starting unlateral leg work. the thing is that i have an ankle disabilty which makes a bit wobbly when it comes to standing on either one leg of staggered feet. Any ideas what i can do?? was thinking of bulgarian split squats with maybe holding onto a bar for stability…but than how do i increase resistance??

Assuming the ankle isn’t something that can be easily fixed then have you looked at

  1. Supported Pistol Squats

    Hold a dumbbell in your free hand to increase load or wear a weight vest

  2. Unilateral hip thrusts

    With a barbell/ EZ-Bar across the thighs if necessary

For the split squats you could also try holding a DB in one hand while supporting with the other and/or a weight vest.

hip thrusts i can do…as for the pistols i will try stabilizing with one hand only but not certain how it will go…and the ankle isnt something that can be fixed :/…thanks for the quick reply…if any one else has more ideas they are welcome here. :slight_smile: