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Unilateral Leg Training


I have recently noticed that my left leg seems to be stronger than my right. I feel like it's doing more work during any bilateral exercise. Any kind of deadlift, good morning, it doesn't matter, my left leg gets more sore than my right. Well I have now quit doing two leg exercises. I pretty much know the basics of unilateral leg training, but I was curious if anyone has had any success with this approach. Just a note, I have a barbell and dumbbells, no leg curl. Ideas would be greatly appreciated.


I wonder if you might have some kind of impingement that is affecting neural drive to your weak leg. Maybe you should get that checked.


Thunder, I hope that is not the case. The only thing I can contribute to the fact that one leg is stronger is since I am a baseball player (right handed) I swing the bat the same way everytime landing on my left leg. Also I just got into weightlifting recently ( I didn't do any lifting last baseball season or before it.)



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The first phase of Ian Kings "Get Buffed" program is all unilateral stuff. I tried it but didn't really get much out of it.


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I second Ian King's "Get Buffed" program for unilateral work.


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