Unilateral Leg Exercise Advice for Damaged Leg

Hi all, I’ve got some old but nasty injuries to my right leg from a car crash in 2002. Part of my outer quad the vastus lateralis was cut out after a piece of the car that went into my leg caused an infection.

Probably 1/4 of that muscle was cut out.

I’ve still got some numbness on the skin on my right outer quad.

My right ankle ligaments were damaged badly too - although that only presents as slightly less balance on my right foot - it’s mostly okish.

So yeah, I’m thinking I should be only doing unilateral leg exercises to retrain the neural link to my right leg so my body better adapts to the injuries.

I’d say the neural link to my right leg isn’t great - because I’ve favoured my left leg since the accident.

Could you guys recommend exercises for both hip hinges & pushing, please? I’d like a good variety of exercises so I can change & progress exercises as needed.

To date, I’ve been doing mainly Jujutsu & a little kick boxing, where I generally don’t get any problems from my leg.

I’d say my current strength levels have regressed to that of beginner… from doing much less boxing & kick boxing for the last 9 months.


Why would you do only single leg exercise? You can build neural connexions using both legs if you focus on your right leg. Sure at first you will be umbalanced but it will even out eventually… That’s what I did at least.

Anyway: lunges, bulgarian split squat, single-leg DB romanian deadlift, leg curl, leg extension…

Hi Alde, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Have you damage to one of your legs, if so, what damage please?

I ask because it’d be nice to hear some identification & motivation. I can get a little negative & stuck in ‘future what ifs’ about my leg.


Yes I’ve had ACL surgery and meniscus torn in both knees, one 5 years ago, the other 3 years ago. It was very hard and it took lots of time and abnegation, especially the first one as I wasn’t really lifting at the time (1,5 year to recover, but the other knee, after 3 months I was running 45 min so yeah lifting reaaaaally helped). One year after the second knee I had worked up to a 200kg dl and 160kg squat which was fine for me. Obviously for a long time I had umbalances when squatting etc… I went to the gym in splint (even walking 45 in the scorching july sun in it to train). If you’re motivated you’ll get over your injuries. The mountain had ACL surgery too. Amit Sapir broke the squat record some months after breaking his knee…) just keep lifting and getting better