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Unilateral Hip Imbalances


Hi Guys,

Failing do to One leg Squats from being imbalanced, I carried out the 'One Leg Standing Test'. When I stand on my right leg, and raise my left knee, my hip drops slightly but remains parallel as it should. However, when I stand on my left leg, and raise my right knee, my hip shoots in to a great degree, (left PSIS drops significantly). Thus, having no ability to transfer load unilaterally and allow for rotation.

I'd guess and say it's weak / or miss-firing abductors perhaps? But I'm not here to guess, I'm here to find out for sure, fix the problem and see if anyone has or had it.

Can someone please elaborate / explain what causes this and how do I go about fixing it?

Thanks Alot!


work on progressions. dont jump from squat to sls... split squats, rfe, etc come first.

and hip mobility! is your peri tight?