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Uniform Changes



The modified rule changes permits athletes to wear a one piece full body tight fitted "unitard" under the compulsory weightlifting costume. The "unitard" will enable technical officials to effectively adjudicate areas of the body which are essential to the correct execution of the lift.


trust me. nobody wants to see my white legs.


I was going to say it's already a unitard but on reading it the second time I noticed the full body part :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm going to rock with my old skool near mankini style 70's black unitard. It is nearly almost obscene to wear.

I think I'm going to bust this out at the next comp. It has a zip at the back :slight_smile:



modesty for the win, heh!

after i've learned to jerk a reasonable amount i guess i'll need to get a weightlifting suit. i like the older models, i've realized. the blue and red ones are cool. the black ones are alright but i prefer them with the stripes going all the way down the sides rather than stopping like they do now. guess new models will be out for the next olympics??

does anyone other than adidas make them? i was having trouble finding them. or do people get wrestling suits?


that is a nice one koing. i like the blue and red one of these

or you can get plain black ones with the stripes all the way along.


heh. remember the good old days?


Pretty much only Adidas make them. Or you go with a wrestling singlet.

I have the
Electric blue Adidas weightlifting suit, zip at the back
Bulgarian green, red and black one, uncle was impressed with this one
Dark blue and black one x2, one for comp use only another for general training [the middle one in your pic]
Grey and black one I swear I had 2 of these?
Red, dark blue and black one. [the right one in your pic]

I'm going to look for some more on ebay :slightly_smiling: