Unidentified Exercise

I saw a guy in the gym yesterday doing a movement I have never seen before, but thought you guys may have:

A guy was doing a good morning into a squat. Let me explain:

He would do the eccentric portion of the GM - bend at the waist until just above parallel - then quickly drop into the bottem position of a squat, then perform the concentric portion of the squat (stand up). He was doing low reps with what seemed like light weight (115).

Is this just a creative hybrid, or does it have some strength implications?

These are goodmorning squats. Check out elitefts exercise index for more info on them. I haven’t used them yet but will be next week for me squat, I would think that they really blast your lower back, glutes, and hams.

IMHO, they are one of the best ME movements you can do for the posterior chain.