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Unidentifiable Back Pain


Suffered a standard back strain 4 weeks ago. Painful, but not totally debilitating.

This week, I was about 80% healed and I somehow re-injured myself. I have this extreme pain in my left abdomen, about 3" left of my belly button. The pain is most noticeable if I:

  1. Flex my neck to look down
  2. Try to stretch my right hamstring (???)
  3. Sit with my butt on the floor and legs fully extended in front of me. This is the most pain I’ve ever felt in my life.

It feels like it could be some extreme tension in my QL or psoas group but after some probing I personally didn’t find any hotspots. Can’t get an appointment with an ortho until September.

Looking for ideas here. I cannot do the following:

  1. Stretch my hip flexors. Too painful.
  2. Stretch to the side (side bends)
  3. Stretch my hamstrings

I can:

  1. Use a baseball on my hips and back