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Uniball and Test Levels


I didn't know where else to post this. I was just wondering, what would happen to Testosterone levels if you lost a nut? Would the other one kick it in overdrive or would you just be 1/2 the man you used to be??


This is a very interesting topic. I have seen studies about cancer patients in regards to this. Do not recall the outcome unfortunately.



Having left one in Vietnam, I can tell you from my personal experience, and talking to many doctors, there is virtually no difference in T levels with one normal healty one versus two normal healthy ones. I am sure that there have been numerous studies done on this but I never had cause or concern to look them up.

There can be a psychological hurdle to overcome especially if you are involved in the dating scene. Prosthetic ones can also be implanted if you feel you don't fill out your pants enough.


Losing a nut will make you one mean SOB if anything.


A good friend of mine lost one in a lacrosse accident (he wasnt wearing a cup like a dumbass). He hasen't noticed any diff. He is only 22 so I don't know if later in life it will change. He used to take it a little personal with the jokes, but he laughs about it now.

Shit his GF is HOT and he bangs her twice a day and still manages to squeeze one or two off solo!!! He is such a twisted bastard that he yanks it while in bed next to her!!

So in conclusion, no I don't believe it makes a difference. lol


I think I remember TC writing something about this, that the other testical just picks up on the slack. However, he also mentioned that as one got older, 30's and beyond, that it Might become an issue.