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Uni. Student Seeking Help


Ive been powerlifting/olympic lifting quite much recently, and would like to have a break from that.

Any 3/4 times a week bb-plans that arent hard core? My goal is currently to maintain/feel fresh, and I plan to lift in the morning before classes. I hurt my lower back a little while overhead pressing.

Also, any suggestions for foods/snacks I can bring to uni? I dont have a fridge and im spending 9hours at school with only one lunch. Ive been making sandwiches that dont taste very good after being in the warmth for 6hours.


BB isn’t really my speciality so I can’t recommend a plan. A few nutritious snacks though:

Beef jerky
Boiled eggs/omelette
Cottage cheese/greek yoguhurt
Cold cooked meat


Whey protein, almonds and beef jerky will get you through the day. I utilized those foods a lot when I was in the dorms.


[quote]NikH wrote:

My goal is currently to maintain/feel fresh[/quote]

dont even need 3 days a week…


Depending how lean/self indulgent you are of course but I’ve had success with a Dave Tate inspired snack of bits of dark chocolate 90%+, rasins and nuts all mixed together with an optional cheeky protein shake