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Unhealthy Foods

I am a very skinny college student who just started taking my weightlifting seriously. I would say I am probably a hard-gainer. Last semester I started doing the infamous see-food diet and gained 20 pounds, but also some fat. After reading some books I have realized I need to reduce my fat and sodium intake.

But I live in a fraternity house where the all the food is high in fat and sugar. The meals are catered, but almost everything is fried. The only vegetables available are french fries and potato chips with the occasional salad. I have apples and oranges sent from home and some bananas available for fruits. Deli meat with less than 3% fat is also available along with cheese and skim milk. I also have access to bread.

My question is how can I eat healthy with mostly greasy foods? If I don’t eat, I lose weight easily. Eating out is getting very expensive.

Are you supplementing your diet at all with protein shakes?

When I was a hardgainer such as yourself, I ate 3 sometimes 4 shakes a day. This was in highschool no less and really helped me to pack on the weight needed to play football and pack on muscle.

I feel for you on being surrounded by unhealthy food. If grocery shopping is an option … do that. Some fruits, packs of tuna, etc can be stored without refrigeration.



Do you have a fridge and a way to do your own shopping?