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Unhealthy Coworkers


I know this has been done to death, but I just need to vent.

I don't give two shits if people think I'm a little bit strange for getting up at 5:30 every morning to work out and eating healthy most of the time. I'm not a big guy (though I'd like to change that) and, as we all know, most people think all it takes is the juice to get big, so what's the point of all this dedication?

But that's not what I want to vent about. I want to bitch about a coworker of mine.

He comes in every morning -- EVERY morning -- with a McDonald's breakfast. Drinks regular soda, not diet. Eats like shit all day long. Shudders in revulsion when he sees me drinking a protein shake. From what he tells me, he's often up till 2 or 3 in the morning watching TV or fucking around on the computer, yet comes in to work by 9 every morning. Quality sleep, there...

I ask this guy, "Why do you have McDonalds every morning? What about something a little healthier? You KNOW that's bad for you in such amounts, right?" He doesn't seem to see the problem.

Every time he stands in front of my desk to talk to me, he has the nice gut spilling over his pants, big ass, and nice little man boobs going on. They're not large yet, by any stretch of the imagination, but they're noticable.

I'm 29 and he's 28, yet he looks like he's in his early 30s, easily. I tend to look about 26 if my head's freshly shaved.

I bet he wonders why I look younger. I bet he wonders why he has those moobs. I don't bother to educate him.

I'm just curious to hear what other people encounter at work. What drives you up the wall, even though you've come to expect it?


the funniest thing i hear is this common line.... "I feel bad for you because you eat healthy all the time"


What drives me up the wall is people who care about other peoples' sleeping haibts and who would be as rude as to comment on someone else's eating habits.


Just let it go, criticizing the unhealthy masses makes you seem that much more out there.


You know, I haven't experienced this one. I also haven't heard the comment about never having fun because I eat healthy. Of course, that could be because I'm usually not out for dinner with friends, just drinks...


In all honesty, if you don't actually stand out due to muscularity, most people will not understand why you are eating the way you are. I have never had anyone say they feel sorry for me that I eat the way I do. I may get dumb comments about whether I am drinking ANOTHER protein shake, but they should be able to tell WHY. If your eating isn't producing results that justify eating that way, why are you eating that way? That's not a putdown, it's just the truth.


Agreed. There's no way I would tell someone else how to eat unless they specifically came to me asking about it.


prof x very true....im not big by any means but have dropped over 70lbs, so i guess they should know by now why i am eating so healthy


There was a similar thread a few months ago, about this same topic, which I know only because I started it. :wink: It could give you a chuckle.

I totally hear you man. In the past 2 weeks, my manager asked my how to lose weight without sweating, a guy in my department asked me to help him decide beteen doing the Cabbage Soup diet or the Lemon juice diet, and a guy who's maybe 130 pounds told me he wants to gain some weight, but he doesn't want to lift heavy because then he'll "just bulk up too much".

On the bright side, though, one of the girls in the office is trying to get a company team together to do a 3-mile Cancer Walk in a few months. So...there may be hope yet.


Good call. In my case, I'm certainly not a big guy, but am obviously fit, at least in comparison to the rest of my office. I constantly get comments about how great it must be to be naturally fit, and shock that I used to be a fatass.

These comments I happily accept as compliments, though they may be a little off-base as to the "why." But, you are correct: once I put on the weight I'd like to have, I doubt people will ask me why I do what I do.


There is a stage where you have to eat right in order to grow, this stage is also the one where most people don't look that muscular: the BEGINNING stage. This also happens to be the time were most people get crapped on because thier friends and family don't really understand what they are trying to accomplish.

Eventually (and for some people thats a lonnnnng way off) you start looking muscular and people tend to back off alittle bit.


This has not been a problem for me on health food issue, but more or less I get....


I try not to talk about why, only that I'm always hungry and I eat when I want to.

Protein Shakes are a NO NO in the work place since that is really where people trip out. They think it's liquid shit or something.

There is one lady at work who is all about cake, cookies, candy bars, snack chips and she has piles of them out for anyone to take. She is about 5'7" and a good 260. Funny this must be her way of justifying the snacks since it's ALSO for others.


Perhaps some of you are focusing on "health food" a little too much. I ate a lot as a beginner. It wasn't necessarily all "health food". I am sure that is what people are noticing from you all, especially if you don't look the part and aren't gaining much.

I caught flack for eating so much so often, not because I ate "healthy" (whatever that means). No matter who you are, if you are stressing out because you actually had to eat at a restaurant and they didn't serve plain chicken breasts...yet you weigh 140lbs, of course someone is going to look at you funny. They should look at you funny.


U hit the nail on the head there buddy,when i used to be a rail and was eating healthy people use to say all the time why do u eat all this healthy food and train so much,u dont even look like u work out (OUCH)

Sooo after getting sick and tired of it and started throwing in burgers and other high calorie food,Bam nearly 80 pounds of extra muscle with minimal fat gain over 3 years.


K of K


"I never did get it why some people are health nuts"

keep suckin down your donuts fatass



Try explaining the Velocity diet to 99% of the popluation... everyone thought I was crazy until I told them I lost 10lbs.


I definitely wouldn't go there/