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Unhealing Wrist Tendonitis


I’ve been suffering a tendonitis at the wrist for about over 2 months. My doctor just said i shouldn’t do excercise, that hurts my wrist. So i am just doing compound excercises that are not hurting, like bench press, pull-up etc. The problem is, it didn’t recover. For example i can’t even do curls with 4 kilogramms (10 pounds)… It is a frustriting and desperate situation!

  1. What would you recommend that my wirts fully recovers?
  2. Which excercises should I skip?

Thanks for helping.

And sorry for grammatical mistakes, English is not my native language


From my experience with tendinitis I usually use a muscle stim machine before heading out to the gym. Once I get there I make sure my body is fully warm before I start my training. Wrist wraps can definitely add much needed support. As far as not being able to curl you should try doing different types of cable curls


Take my advice and stop lifting as of now until you have resolved the issue. I have two very bad wrists because i didnt get proper care and rehab. Over a year later the pain is chronic. You dont want it trust me… it will ruin your training.

Screw the doctors because they are shit with these types of injury. Go and see a good sports injury specialist/chiropractor if you can afford. I cant stress getting the right care enough to you.

Also focus on the appropriate foods for tissue healing and health. Good luck


Immediate implementations

  1. Increase caloric intake
  2. Improve forearm strength
  3. Reduce/abstain from load-bearing exercise of push nature
  4. 1 week of pulling
  5. Do supinated-grip exercises (I know it hurts when you turn it to the right/clockwise) so find a grip that works for you.

Insert along the weeks:

  1. Snatches
  2. Dips
  3. Handstand push-ups
    4 Elevated pushups
  4. Heavy DB work

It’ll go away on its own and will definitely be stronger. You gotta get used to the nagging tug and be creative when working about it. Teaches you to be more conscious about form and technique!


Try Voodoo bands here…

No upper body work to failure let alone dop sets etc

do an arm movement like hammer curls/rope pressdown ultra light for 100 reps for 2 sets like 1kg dumbells. Nowhere near failure jut the aim is to pass a ton of blood back and forth over the injured area