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Unhappy w/ Netflix Streaming Movie Selection

I recently switched from 2 DVD to the instant plan and I’m regretting it. The movie selection sucks ass. I hated waiting for DVDs, but at least they had almost every movie. EVERY time someone mentions or recommends me a movie, it’s NEVER available for instant download. Thus taking away the convenience of not waiting for DVDs and being able to watch MORE movies for the price. Do they do this on purpose?

Are they’re better companies/places to stream movies to your TV(I use PS3)? I’m not familiar with HULU. Are they just TV shows? Is Amazon Instant Movies better choice? Does Blockbuster do streaming? Are they any new sites they my newb ass is unaware of? If there is any alternatives, I will gladly give netflix the boot!

Google’s a great site that will answer most of your questions.

And a link to a site you need.

I have both Netflix streaming service and Amazon Prime. Their movie selections are pretty similar although Prime doesn’t have nearly as large a library. I have found some hard to find things on Prime that were not on Netflix though. I agree that the overall movie selection isn’t great but I mainly use them for television shows or documentaries.

[quote]Bmad wrote:
Do they do this on purpose? [/quote]

Most streaming services have gaps in their range of movies because providers bid against each other to purchase the rights to newer releases.

Netflix purchased the series House of Cards outright to air exclusively to their subscribers. David Fincher oversaw the whole production and convinced Kevin Spacey to star. Depending on how profitable it becomes, there may well come a point where services like Netflix fund exclusive big-budget features to attract new subscribers.

Netflix streaming is best used for, as BeefEater said, TV shows, documentaries, and I’d throw in old movies and some newer-ish movies. The list changes from time to time. I work with someone who seems to have the same mis-conception about the instant streaming service. Signed up and was totally surprised he couldn’t watch every movie ever made for $8 a month.

If your only issue is the what, 1 to 2 day wait for a DVD?, then I think you just need to be patient. Or go rent the movie. It certainly wouldn’t be in Netflix’s best business interest to offer every movie they have on disk as a stream.

Why not re-subscribe and only get 1 disk at a time. A little cheaper, and you have more options. It’s less than $20 a month for both services.


[quote]roybot wrote:
Most streaming services have gaps in their range of movies because providers bid against each other to purchase the rights to newer releases.[/quote]
Along these lines, I heard, for example, that Amazon Prime got the rights to The Avengers last year even though Netflix Instant has Captain America and Thor. Just weird how it breaks down, contract-wise.

I agree that Netflix Instant is great for a lot of TV shows. I worked my way through The Twilight Zone (the stories and acting still hold up) and I’m going through Cheers right now (still funny, only a little dated), but I don’t mind older movies. Hell, I just watched The Garbage Pail Kids last week, creepy little costumes and all. :wink:

We have the Instant + 1 disc, but my gal and I have thought about dropping down to Instant only and subbing in Redbox for the occasional new release. Right now, we’ll hit Redbox once a month if we feel like it, but maybe 20% of the time the disc is too damaged to play. (They’re very good with issuing credits though).


Use a putlocker or sockshare source if possible

you’re welcome

Jiro Dreams of Sushi available right now as instant stream!