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Ungrateful Bastards


I was listening to the news and heard about some people that hadn't eaten in a few days because of Katrina. The Red Cross/National Guard shows up with MRE's (meals ready to eat). People actually turned them down because they didn't like them.


"I'm sorry but I do not eat carbs and fat in the same meal."


That's their loss, and more for those who deserve it.

I'm sure they'll be begging for them soon enough.


Where did you hear that?


It was a radio show that comes on here in Tenn. It comes on after Rush Limbaugh but I forgot the name of the host. Trust me dude I don't just make shit up.


since you did not provide a source i went looking for one and could not find anything about it.

are you sure the guy after Rush wasnt making up stuff?

rush has been known to make up a bunch of stuff before too. so name dropping him doesnt provide credibility.


Turn down MRE's? Why in the world would anyoen do that. They're friggin delicious, I'm not being sarcastic, thay really are delicious. I've eaten just about all the different meals, beef, chicken and rice etc and they're the shizznit. The little bottles of tobasco, the desert, cofee, wetnap, toliet paper etc.. It's the perfect soldier or in this case survivor meal, in fact it's not just a meal, it's a feast fit for a king. Ungreatfull bastards. Reminds me of what happened to the Jews in the desert when they bitched about manna.


I heard the similar reports by different talk show hosts. If I remember correctly they were: Mark Simone, John Gambling, and Roger Hedgecock.


Thanks edgecrusher. I'd also like to add that Fox News had reports of people shooting at relief effort helichoppers.


Now you come with some proof, pal. Accusing Rush of lying doesn;t make you any more credible.

Prove that Rush has "made stuff up".


The line of thought goes as such:

Rush has had sarcastic parody material on his show.
Thus he created this from his imagiantion, thus made it up.

therefore the detractors can say,(totally out of context, but since when ahs context mattered) Rush has made stuff up.

examples would be Slim Whitman actually being the Devil and the fact that soccer is a dangerous sport and should be banned.








thats all from one source, but you can listen to audio of rush and see transcripts if you wish.

drop, drop, drop it likes it hot.


Slim Whitman is not the devil, Zamfir -the master of the pan flute - is.


I've got to say, as conservative as I am, Rush often gets away with saying outrageously untrue things. When people call bullshit on him, his stock excuse is that the caller isn't smart enough to recognize parody.... Come on !!!!! I do enjoy Rush's rants, though.

Anyway, I'm calling bullshit on the story that persons (plural) refused MRE's or whatever. If it smells like BS......


Yes, it does. You can't even tell what is in an MRE until you open it...so refusing them beforehand makes no sense. Not only that, but they actually taste decent. They are real meals aside from the vegatable bread and usually have cookies or M&M's in the package. It amazes me that people would even be so quick to believe that just because someone said it.


All those "sources" are from a liberal website dedicated to exposing the "lies" in conservative radio.

Hmmmm...makes me wonder why you don't just use MoveOn.org as "proof" that Limbaugh is a liar.

Opinion is not proof. I've listened to him since 1992 - at worst, he's an opinionated windbag. But to call him a liar and have it stick you are going to have to do better than citimg MediaMatters.org., or whatever left-wing website you are quoting.


But those sources also provided audio clips. Are you saying that it was imposter? My goodness, this is worse than I thought! Cloned newscasters!? EEEEK!


if you go to the links it clearly shows in text and is available as an audio clip of him saying something followed up by where and what he made up or lied about.

i will grant that the point of the website media matters is to point out lies in conservative media outlets. what i do not get is what is wrong with that. if its accurate information then who cares if the source is left wing or right wing. find me a conservative outlet that is actively policing other conservative sources and I guess we can use that information. either way, it still stands that Rush makes things up on his program.


The ones we got last year even had the msin course printed on the outside of the bag so you can pick and choose what you wanted...it seems very strange that anyone would turn these down, even my 11 year old sister ate them without complaining. Hell i would eat them everyday, no real cooking and TONS of calories...


Maybe he popped to many oxycontin,had a head Rush ,and just imagined it happened