Unfortunate Circumstances: Little Gym Time

The title is a little dramatic but I am facing a serious situation.
I am traveling due to work and will be in a situation where I can use the gym equipments for a very limited amount of time a day. I wanted to know how you think about my plan.

I can get about 20~30 minutes of time with free weights and after I go home I have access to the community gym with various equipments as well.

Would it make sense to work out 20 minutes during lunch time and adding additional 40 minutes after work ~5 pm? I want to know how this would work physiologically. Thanks a bunch

30 minutes 6 days a week is sufficient time if u still want to train heavy. It just means one bodypart a day. 3 exercises per bodypart ramped up to to 1 top set. If i was you, i wouldn’t train for 20 minutes at lunch then after work as well, stick to one or the other (whenever you have more time/more convenient).

or, if it is only for a couple of days just relax and take some time off…go for a swim or for a walk…

Doesn’t sound like limited gym time to me. You can get a good workout in 4 ~45 minute sessions per week (if intensity if right). So if your gym after work is fully equipped you should have no problem. Try something like:

  1. Upper Body
  2. Lower Body
  3. Upper Body
  4. Lower Body

Also you can consider a split where you 1-2 muscle groups per day and just kill them with volume with two sessions per day. 1st session do lower reps, and 2nd session, do higher reps.