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Unforgettable Prom


Ok so my senior prom was on friday and it was unforgetable. (perhaps not in a good way though)
Since March, I kept trying to ask this new girl in school Mindy who is this really short girl with huge tits. She loves anime and she didnt seem completely freaked out by me. So I thought.

Anyway so i asked her one rainy day expecting her to jump on top of me and we could have a hollywood moment but NOOOOOOO she responds that she has a boyfriend who is getting out of jail the day of prom. I told her I would drop her off after prom because I figured I was probably sexier than her boyfriend. She agreed and I was all like JACKPOT!

We arrive at prom. She looks like a huge plum and I am in a matching purple tux. It was weird because she starts acting all moody and complaining of pain in her stomach. I thought she was drunk so I just started messing with her and taking shitloads of pictures for myspace. This made her more angry. She starts screaming at the top of her lungs and everyone turns around.

Suddenly she wets herself and all I do is laugh while all the girls run over to her and all the guys start shoving me. "Shes in labor!" one girl screams. "That weird anime nerd brought her here!" I didn't know what do to, so I just ran to the bathroom and called my mom to pick me up. My mom got there and noticed an ambulance and a little fat girl giving birth in it. She didn't say anything until she say me sweating and panting. She asked me what was wrong and then I asked her if I could have ice cream. We drove home in silence while I ate my snowcone.

I didn't even get drunk! FML


OH snap, Paul is back!!

Hows tree climbing and the sword fighting coming along?


This post reminded me of this.....

Probably the only time I thought that Family Guy might have crossed the line......


So how'd that "cut" go? LOL


Cool story, Hansel.


I thought the title of this thread read: 'unforgettable porn'...... What a rip....


Fuck, I read "Unforgettable PORN".

How very, very disappointing ;-p


Same thought, same time...crazy shit.

Good work Skaz.


At least it's not yours.


haha YES "...turns out i've never even been to Mount Massubious!"


I got a pretty big chuckle out of that post. Seriously, that's funny shit.


And how's that whole gaining-muscle-without-a-caloric-surplus thing working out for you?


I totally agree. That was a good writeup. The part about her looking like a huge plum and the little fat girl giving birth whilst his mom looks on was just fucking GOLD.

You`re a good writer OP!


You bolted and asked your mother for ice cream...If you stayed it could have been legendary.

I have so many questions like why ask a girl that's knocked up to go to prom in the first place?


Ok... we can feed this one. But this is the exception, not the rules guys. Feeding trolls is not a matter to take lightly.


Hold on a sec... you though a very, very pregnant girl was drunk?


he prob thought it was a beer belly cause shes always drunk so much


Good laughs =)

I am curious to know if the OP knew she was pregnant?


I like your style. Which begs the question guys...We're all aware of the waffle-pancake debate, but what say you about the ice cream cup vs. cone? I feel like you get more with a cup, but that cone is damn tasty.


Clearly, you must post a link to your myspace.