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Unflavored Protein Powder?


Anyone have a good recommendation for unflavored protein powder? I'm trying to get my girl to eat more protein, but she's having a hard time getting it with real food so she's agreed to drinking a powder as long as it doesn't have a taste. She's tried some of mine over the years and hates it because she can't stand the taste of diet sugar. I don't know how she does it, but she can pick the taste of diet sugar out of Metabolic Drive.

Anyhow, I was looking at Optimum Nutrition Any Whey, but I heard some talk on forums about it tasting like shit. I'm looking for something that is as unflavored as it gets, that can be mixed into something like tea that shit will drink. Anyone have any products they have tried in the past?


Allmax IsoNatural would be my recommendation


"unflavored" whey will taste like milk, only less sweet and a bit funky. I haven't encountered a truly flavorless protein. for the "unflavored" or "natural" varieties, OJ, milk, or blended into smoothies would be good mixing options unless she doesn't have an issue with it mixed in water.

also, have you tried hitting her?


impact whey- myprotein


If it tastes like milk it'll probably work out better anyway. She was planning to put it in a big mug of coffee before working out. I guess it'll be like putting milk in the coffee.


My girlfriend is the same way, the only one she will drink are the Trader Joe's Vanilla Soy which has no sweetener (and pretty much no flavor) which has less carbs and more protein than Metabolic Drive. Maybe not the same quality of protein as whey, but it's a step in the right direction.

Serving Size 2 scoops (33g)
Calories = 120
Calories from Fat = 10
Carbs = 1 gram
Protein = 25 grams

And she mixes it in cold coffee, so there you go.


Unflavoured rocks ass. You get 30 grams of pure protein in a 30 gram scoop, no bullshit mixed in. If you are going to drink it then mix it with milk. It tastes vile in water. When mixed in milk it tastes like that old unpasteurised creamy milk, which I find is pretty nice, plus if you mix it in a pint of milk you are probably getting close to 45 grams of protein for one scoop.

Come to think of it, ALL shakes taste delicious in milk. I dont know why anyone would torture themselves by drinking a shake mixed with water. The difference in absorbtion speed, as far as your body is concerned, is negligible.


Wouldnt drinking it with milk defeat the pupose of buying unflavoured pure whey?

what i mean is you pointed out that the protein you use only has protein in it and nothing else, which is great. But by mixing it with milk you're then effectivly adding fat and sugary carbs to the mix... surely this defeats the purpose?


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Most "unflavored" sources of concentrate or blends with concentrate in it will have a sort of milky/dairy flavor.

It's not bad at all, but it's not unflavored.

The closest you're going to get to unflavored is going to be a whey protein isolate.


I ended up going with Optimum Nutrition Any Whey Unflavored. We'll see how it goes. I think coffee is probably gonna be the best thing for mixing based on some of the descriptions of the "milky" flavor. But maybe I'll come up with some other ways to get her to drink her damn protein


I'm not sure I get what you mean?
By "no bullshit mixed in" I mean that there is no artificial crap in the shake and that you can be sure there is 30 grams of protein in a scoop as opposed to some flavoured shake saying on the label that it contains 20g of protein in a 30g scoop when in fact it may only have 10g. It's very easy to disguise the true nutritional value of a product when there are a lot of ingredients mixed in.

I always drink my shake with some carbs (milk or small snack). Consuming pure protein without carbs is almost worhless as far as recovery is concerned. Only bodybuilders in a cutting phase should consume protien on its own IMO.


Some people can't tolerate milk. There are plenty of protein powders that taste good in water. Anyway, if you can't handle drinking anything that isn't absolutely 100% delicious, maybe take up bowling. Pure whey protein isolate goes down like water, it doesnt get any faster digesting than that (except maybe pure BCAA). Sometimes we want protein that digests fast and easy. And no gas too, that's a bonus.

For whey protein isolate, I like NOW brand unflavored, and Syntrax Nectar (they have a 'medical unflavored'). NOW is inexpensive, Syntrax is not.