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Unexpectedly Great Workout


Yesterday I went to the gym to squat and play basketball afterwards. My squat workout was shitty. What felt heavy was really light. Need to work on form. Played basketball for 20 minutes afterwards.

Today I wake up, eat, watch the Heat vs Bulls and get pumped to play some ball. I played for 1hr 30mins straight. It got to the point where I stayed in the backcourt every few plays because my quads were burning.

When we finally lost, I decided to hit the weights. My previous dip 5RM, last week, was 60 lbs. My 3RM was 90 lbs about 3 months ago.

Did some BW dips, then some pullups. Felt ok, so I decided to continue working out. Got my belt + chains, went to dip stand, loaded 45 lbs did 5 easy reps.

I continue increasing +10lbs x 5reps and got to 85lbs x 5reps. Fast too. This is the best workout I've ever had. My strength shot up big time out of nowhere. And this was after playing 1hr30mins STRAIGHT of serious basketball.

Anybody else experience something like this?


One time I Zercher squatted 236 x 5 and my previosu max was 163 x 5 just that same month. Westisde, proper usage of the hips, and mental psyche can really work wonders.


That's awesome! You ain't kidding about mental psyche. I notice than when I REALLY convince myself on how easy my next set will be and pump myself up, the reps are much quicker.


How much did you sleep prior? Proper Hydration? Good calorie and carb intake? Low stress in general? These things usually result in a better than usual performance.


My sleep's been erratic due to Final exams. Stress high. My diet's been ok at best. I haven't had fish oil for two weeks. I'm on the Anabolic Diet and sat/sun are my carb load days so it could be due to my carb intake.

I was sore as hell last night after the workout. I decided to eat as many carbs as I could in a three hour period. Pizza, bread, cous-cous, ice cream, ton of milk, oats, bran, prunes. Took creatine and some water. Went to bed.

Barely sore this morning even though slept 6 hours.


I think you answear your own questions there.

And not eating carbs will lead to your muscles having no fuel. I never did like the idea of the anabolic diet, the only time I would go without carbs would be if I was entering a bodybuilding show and was a week or so out. Any strength athelete needs carbs.

Dont be too hard on yourself, get your schedule back on track and your lifts will improve. When I know my days will be hectic, I change my workouts. Dont try to hit PRs in the big lifts when you know outside factors will disrupt your training.


I'm reluctant to give up the Anabolic Diet because it's done wonders for just about everything in my life.

I now know to go for PRs on the weekends because of the carb surge. Thanks for the advice.


If you havent already, read everything on here by Bereardi and then hit up Carb Cycling by CT. Far better than the anabolic diet. Who wants to train at 100% only one day a week?


I still train well on low-carb days.

While on the AD:
I have more energy ALL the time. I sleep better. I don't have the mid day crash. I don't feel bloated all the time. My memory has improved. My dreams are vivid. I feel great on this beast.

I might sacrifice some strength (the body takes a few months to fully adapt), but its a small price to pay.