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Unexpectedly Good Equipment Finds?

So, we all know that Nautilus, MedX, XForce, etc. Are going to be your highest quality machines. But just out of curiosity does anyone have any random equipment that you own or have tried that is surprisingly better than you expected? I’ll start.

At my apartment complex during college they had a Paramount overhead tricep extension that felt really decent. Nothing else was good but that one piece felt great.

An abdominal machine similar to the AbCoaster but a more qualitative product. Also plate loaded, with enough resistance even without added weight. Might have been an early version of the AbCoaster because of great similarities in function. Unable to find a pic.

Powertec lat pulldown/low row!

About 20 years of 0 problems. Low friction. Best of the best home gym equipment

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I believe your talking about this piece! And yes it is a amazing piece!

Other machines that’s surprised me, are any David machines. They’re built like a tank, and the stacks go up to 300lbs

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Can you tell me more about it? I keep debating about getting one for it’s versatility but I can’t decide for sure? How are the other movements on it?

The one I was referencing was super similar, it was a combination Bicep curl/Tricep Extension, but I’m pretty sure the tricep ext is the same, they feel great I would like to buy one eventually

Oh I know which one your talking about, I’ve never got the opportunity to try that one.

However, this one I have is a great unit. Can get a full stretch and contraction and it feels natural. Can go to failure and not worry about it getting stuck on you. And the best thing about it, NO ELBOW or Joint pain!!!

The stack goes up to 170lb, which so far has been more than plenty for myself.

If you have a chance to grab one, I highly recommend.

I don’t see em come up for sale too often here in Oklahoma.

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The TITAN Fitness Dip Machine is far better than I expected.
I have completely new growth to my triceps at 55 yoa,

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Their seated calf raise machine is junk. I don’t even use it it’s so bad.

The V2 adjustable incline bench isn’t so great, either. Too shaky for any appreciable weight.

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Yea, a lot of their stuff is good but a lot is junk. Fray fitness is another company with similar prices and they have a lot of good options as well.

I ordered what I thought was a cheap, unstable squat stand from Amazon. Turns out that thing is stable AND has a pull-up bar and landmine attachment

Also, Wright is amazing. Thanks for the intro @Bagsy

Wright is local to me. Before it took over new owners they’d let you come into the back room
Where they kept all the old used equipment that they worked into deals when doing big build outs for bog places. It was like a thrift store for gym junkies. Tons of good stuff. Super sad they don’t do it anymore and now they won’t even let you go pick up new equipment there, they want to ship everything which is dumb.

I have 3 of their brand bars and they are nice!

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I ordered an “Econ bar”, expecting a low quality, rusty piece of metal. It was well polished , has amazing knurling and spins like an oly bar!

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Yep they have good stuff. I have a next gen ball bearing bar And it’ll spin for days

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Powertec discontinued the lat/row machine. The also d/c’d the standing leverage dip machine.

Big mistakes!

The Powertec assisted dip/chin machine is a clear winner.