Unexpected Thyroid Result (High TSH)

I started TRT and thyroid supplement two months ago as outlined here:


TSH 1.40 uIU/mL [0.34-4.82]
fT3 3.1 pg/mL [1.8-4.2]


TSH 3.81 uIU/mL [0.45-4.5]
fT3 3.0 pg/mL [2.0-4.4]
rT3 14.2 ng/dL [9.2-24.1]
fT4 1.17 ng/dL [0.82-1.77]


TSH 4.12 uIU/mL [0.45-4.5]
fT3 2.8 pg/mL [2.0-4.4]
fT4 1.23 ng/dL [0.82-1.77]
TAA <1.0 IU/mL [0.0-0.9]
TPO 6 IU/mL [0-34]

In late May I started on the NatureThroid 32.5mg (1/2 grain). After reading here I also went through an iodine detox and am on a 12.5mg Iodoral daily. So I was shocked when my TSH came back so high a couple weeks ago. Since Hashimoto’s responds badly to iodine, I immediate got an antibody test which appears negative for Hashimoto’s. Any ideas why my thyroid is having to work so much harder?

I’m not sure what other info would be relevant. Last month I had some other labs done. My TT and FT were near the top of the range. My E2 was way low–I was taking 1/4 mg Adex EOD and have stopped. My hematocrit was above range–I immediately donated blood and have decreased my T-cyp from 50mg twice a week to 40mg twice a week (still 200 IU HCG EOD).

I’m on a couple other vitamins/supplements daily: fish oil (2 pills), selenium (100mcg), Iodoral (12.5 mg), Vit C (1000 mg), Vit D3 (6000 IU), Vit E (400 IU), Alive Multivitamin, B-Complex, DHEA (25 mg), Pregnenolone (10 mg), Ferrofood Iron (1 pill). I have been unable to identify anything that would cause my thyroid to work harder.

Thanks for your help!

I forgot to mention I don’t have any recent body temps. Back in June I was low 97s at wake-up and average low 98s during the day. I will start again to see where my temps are at.