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Unexpected Progress

I’ve never posted in here, and I’ve been super vacant for a while, but I’m pleasantly surprised with my progress this year. Considering some huge life altering events. I’ve just had my head down and mushing forward. I just wanted to share.

Pic 1: from the T-ransformstion 2019

Pics 2 & 3: today


Fuck yeah, dude, lookin great!

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Nice job!!! What did the diet and training look like?

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The diet isnt very specific, just a large focus on eating quality foods and a lot of colored fruits and vegetables.

The program was super volume oriented for about… 4 weeks or so. More than I had ever done. Like 8x10 squats and things of that nature.

Then that crazy event happened, and threw me off for a week. And my food intake fucking tanked.

So my friend helped me adjust, started focusing more on periodization in strength training again. However we kept intensity fairly low, 80% range, but with a lot Variants in the movements to help build my appetite back up, followed by gross volume on assistance lifts.

Now were adjusting again to some seriously focused strengths training that will probably lead to a peak.

But it’s awesome on all fronts. Even through the weightloss, 265>221 today, my lifts have done the following:

Deadlift: Max was 500 for an ugly max. Last week I did 5×1 at 465 and they went up lightning fast

Bench: 375 ugly max. 2 weeks ago I did 5×5 1 board press with 315

Squat: barely even a squat max at 445. 2 weeks ago I did 405 for 8×2.

So everything seems to still be on course. Squats took the biggest hit. Losing that gut put me at a massive mechanical disadvantage, and ended up injuring an erector in my back, but its healing fine, and I’m getting back in my groove.

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My friend has been a blessing helping with the actual programming since I wasnt really in a place I could focus at the time.

A general day is:

Warm Up

L/M/H Max Effort Alternating Every Week (Supplemental lifts)

Volume comp lift or back down sets

3 giant sets targeting 3 weaknesses (these usually end far quicker than programmed, but we log them and track how much farther i get everytime.)

3 giant sets to abuse hypertrophy, until theres so much blood I literally cant move those parts of my body.


I’d be really interested in seeing some examples of these, if that’s something you’re willing to share.

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For sure dude. So “giant set” is a loose terms, sometimes the volume work is simply like, multiple bands for 150 tricep pull downs, decreasing bands as you fail, but no rest. It just has to be crazy high rep. Generally the targeted weakness section is 8-12 reps per lift.

But a good example for squat day is:

Weakness Set:
Foam Roller Rollouts
Copenhagen Hip Abduction
Nordic Curl

All things I’m pretty weak in, and have a hard time finishing

Volume set:
Bulgarian Split Squat 3×8
Heel Elevated Goblet Squat 3×20
Reverse Nordic Curl 3x10

So like, the BSS and RNC are doable, but I’ll pick a weight slightly out of my range on Goblets and have to drop set it at least once, just to pump them.

And a Favorite one for bench was:
(All fat grip, with 3 sec negatives)
Chin Up 3×10
BW Row 3x10
Heavy High Pulls 3×6 @ 135

Which pretty much completely woke up my scapula and erectors, and toasted my grip.

Followed by the 150 pull downs without a break.

Its a blast man. A nice change of pace after moving heavy weight for 2-5 reps.

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I’ll have a look at those in more detail later man, definitely some useful stuff I can pull from there. I’m a big fan of using giant sets for assistance, it can really help stop a workout dragging on and on

Thanks man.

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Looking sick, dude. Awesome work.

You just trying to make sure that what you do eat is quality stuff? Paying much attention to portion sizes? I’m working on losing weight and my only rule is that I don’t count calories so anytime I see someone’s success I’m interested in their approach.

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Thanks man. But that’s the gist of it. I worked all sweet drinks out of my diet first. I was a bit of a stimulant junkie, so I had a lot of work to figure out on energy drinks and pre workout. Replaced it all with Water and Coffee. Then forced myself to never eat anything that didnt require a George Forman or better. Since I was forcing myself to cook constantly, it was easier to naturally gravitate to cleaner and less… processed foods.

My situation is a hair different though, a mass chunk of that weight stemmed from a pretty fucked up situation this year, I just decided to capitalize on the weight loss and the recently fasted stomach to ingrain some cleaner habits.

But yeah, I just make sure the food is clean and nutrient dense. Aside from that I’m just eating whenever I’m super sore or hungry.

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Thanks, that was helpful.

I remember your thread when all that stuff happened. My parents were/are having some marital issues so some of the stuff you were feeling I could kinda see in my mom. Crazy how much people can rock your world. Really glad to hear you’re doing better though, hope everything’s going well for you!

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Yeah man, it was a fucking ride. But I’m glad to be on my own and self sufficient again. Definitely the lowest I’ve ever been, but I feel like I got a fresh start, and I’m back at it now. I’m sorry to hear that, I gained a lot of empathy through that ordeal, and it hurts to see shit like that happen to anyone else. Best of luck to them!

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Man you went from Chub to Champ. Nice work!