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Unexpected Constant Weight Gain During Cut

I was previously fat all my life and then started to trim down like 2 years back to where I reached my lowest weight of 134 pounds in October 2019. As you could probably guess. I was frustrated that my lifts were garbage so I planned to bulk. However I had that fear of fat kid syndrome so I failed to put on any significant weight until about 2 months back. At first when I hit the high 140s I was like YES but then I kept doing my NORMAL things I used to do when I was in the 130s but I was just happy I was gaining strength slowly… but then as my lifts stall and some even decrease, j decide to check my weight after weeks of not checking. Holy I was 160. So I planned a mini cut to where I would take about 50k steps or above DAILY as well as intermittent fast with only eating a pre workout meal and my dinner/post workoutmeal. I did that and i check my weight couple days ago and it was 175. Today it was 180.

I googled something about this unknown weight gain and they said something about medication causing hormonal imbalances. I read on some article or just google in general on how 1) Alpha Lipolic Acid(ALA) Is a supplement that basically shifts whatever you eat into muscle growth as a priority. Basically a macronutrient partitioning agent. So I supplemented on that as well as L Carnitine and recently some Biotin and cinnamon. Now the first 3 I researched and bought them because of their uses on metabolism and insulin and nutrient partitioning. Basically all of them WOULD/SHOULD help aid my fat loss/weight loss. Keep in mind this was when I was in the high 140s and sometimes 150s(which i thought i was gaining too fast). So one of the causes of unknown weight gain was from meds that aid with high blood pressure and i assume. That those 4 meds i mentioned do support HBP in some way right? Could this be why i am CONTINUALLY gaining weight rapidly? Even on a big calorie deficit?.

Sorry for the long post. Thank You

Those are not meds and are not causing weight gain.

You are walking 20 or more miles a day? Dumb.

If you are gaining weight you are eating too much.

How tall are you?


Are you actually measuring your food?

Those things you mentioned aren’t meds.

What is this HBP you speak of?

high blood pressure


Barely. Might help in some rat or frog study, but this a major exaggeration. Take it if its economical for you

They’re aight. L-Carnitine was also something done in a study for Obese Cats. Not reliable. I take some just because I bought some and have it at home. Biotin I take for my skin and hair.

Unless you’re a female, I wouldn’t be worried about “gaining too fast” if you’re at 150. If you’re worried about nutrient partioning so badly, start with your plate and prioritize protein.

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Yeah. I’d rather have heard him elaborate a bit but the answer is gonna be the same.

“Quit bullshitting yourself and go see a doctor.”.

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I saw no mention of tracking/measuring food.

I do intermittent fasting occasionally and guess what - it’s still easy to overeat. I eat higher calorie foods and bigger portions because I can “afford it” and I destroy any caloric deficit I had in no time.

I was high 130s then about 140s and then I got lazy and didnt check weight for a couple weeks and boom 170. I dont know how even though I am vigourously active and eat with moderation. Still I hit 180 and now I’m just a poor ass b**ch

Well they are supplements which are meds right? And HBp stands for high blood pressure(which I dont have last time I checked)

Yes, I got so paranoid that I extended my normal 12 hour fast to damn near 17-18 hours and then typically eat a piece of fruit. Usually that’s like 1 kiwi. Then eat 150g chicken breast skinless. 40g oats. Some pumpkin protein pancakes roughly maybe 400-500 cals. Then have about 300 calories(max) of kashi cereal with almond milk unsweetened. Have about 200 cals of tuna, 2 slice of this low cal pita bread(200 cal total). Some things that is already prepped/leftover accounts for usually 300 calories max. For example I just had a small portion of curry with my pita bread.


This is why I asked. I had a feeling you were starving yourself and underweight. When you could no longer sustain eating too little you naturally began eating more and gained weight.

130-140 lbs at 5’10 is stupid. Even 160 is low unless you have low BF % and you began cutting, walking over 20 miles a day. You need help.

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No. Typically and by classification, supplements and medications are different.

Medications are for medical conditions, supplements are food based and supplemental to diet.

If you don’t have any issues with it, why would you mention it like that in the same vein of taking supplements that treat it?

That’s at least unusual.

No wonder. Your body’'s response was no different from somebody rapidly gaining weight after recovering from an eating disorder.

From the sounds of it, you don’t know enough about nutrition to be trying to manipulate your weight. You should check in with a qualified professional.

Could you elaborate on the disorder part? Thanks

I just started taking them because I was paranoid of fat gain as I was a previous fat individual. So even when I was in the single digit %bf, I thought of bulking as a necessary evil. I wanted size but as little fat as possible so I took these and attempted my bulk(but failed to eat more because of my paranoia). Yet i still gained fat

I ate the same amount and all but gained weight so I just thought it was due to the meds. I stopped taking them but I assumed that the meds gave me FAT because I heard somewhere that certain meds make whatever you eat go primarily into fat storage. So even if I did stop taking them, fat is probably still there so now its gonna be a grind. Cutting is gonna be an ass. Also im here because I need help since Doctors are too busy with some other issue(covid) and nutritionists are all closed because of the same issue

Are you trolling or is this really a foreign concept to you?

What was your starting weight? By what method did you lose weight, eg, calorie counting, IF, keto, etc?

Erase the word bulk from your vocabulary. FFGs (former fat guys; I am one) are never, ever allowed to ‘bulk’ (unless they don’t mind getting fat again).

Fatness is like diabetes in that it is an incurable, chronic condition that requires constant vigilance to be kept in check. This means monitoring both bodyweight and food intake.

That’s at least 5 hours of brisk walking/day. Did you really do that?

As alluded to by other posters, IF is not magic–of itself, it will not keep you from overeating. Further, it is an especially bad idea for those of us who are prone to eating in binge-like fashion (which is many if not most FFGs).

At this point, there is no reason to believe you are suffering from “unknown weight gain.” I’m sorry to say the supplements you bought do not have the metabolic effects attributed to them–at least not to an extent that would allow someone to eat freely and not gain fat. (If they did, we’d all be taking them, believe me.) The available evidence indicates you are eating above maintenance–ie, you are gaining weight for the exact same reason 99.99% of other folk gain weight. There’s but one way to find out for sure, and that is to carefully track your intake and bodyweight for a few weeks (at least).