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Unexpected Blood Test While On Cycle

Hey guys, my doc suprised me with a blood test and I’m 3 weeks into a test, tren, mast cycle. Anybody have a suggestion on what to do? Im considering finding a new doc anyway cause this guy doesn’t know much about trt. I thinking I’ll just stall for another 2 months and then go? Opinions?

I mean, they can’t force you to take it… but we don’t know what you’re prescribed or anything else about your situation so…?

Worst case if he gets pissed you might have to find a new doc

Your doctor will likely stop your TRT and refuse to treat you any longer because you are now a liability. No doctors is going to risk losing their medical license.

When was last blood work done? Stall Stall Stall. When was the next scheduled blood work? Just flat out tell him no or your insurance wont cover “surprise” blood draws.

Can you explain the “suprise” part.

If I don’t have a doctors appointment for 5 months my doctor isn’t going to just call me out of the blue and tell me he needs blood. He’s my doctor not my probation officer and if he did I’d tell him to kick rocks ill see him when we agreed to meet per my treatment plan.


I called in at my 5 month mark (which was a month ago) when I should’ve had blood drawn and told the docs office I hadn’t heard back about getting a follow up blood test. They told me there was a wait and since I had a second blood test in March it would wait 2 months. That test was for total t only. Now today they call me saying I’m suppose to go for my blood test this week. I planned for a quick 6 week cycle so I’ll just stall for a month

If it turns into an issue simply repeat what they said and tell them your away on vacation it’s not your fault they are unorganized or late.

That’s what I’m going to do. Good idea man

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They’ll work with you. You have money, which they want, and you have options to go elsewhere, which they do not want.