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Unexpected Asian Girl


Friend just linked this too me. Not sure how to attach images so hopefully this will suffice.



I could tell from looking at a few of the thumbnails.

Four months in Thailand'll do that to ya.


They're getting way to good at this stuff.. thats all I took away from it lol.


Don't know what's going on but I can't see the weiner in any of those pics, but I know it's there. That shit's weird.


Those are some damn good implants.


They have some really great cutting edge super brassieres here in Taiwan.... they could give a broomstick a rack:


If buy implants you mean a reversed penis.. hormone therapy etc.. whatever else goes in that business then yes lol

edit: was at least hoping throwing "man" out in the open would help people realize after a moment that she was a man.


Here is what I get from this:

They are getting to good at that shit, and I do not want to sleep with a man/former man, so they need to make a tiny "x" tattoo above their junk so you know it was changed... or something like that, I want to fucking know.

It is getting to the place I am going to start asking for birth certificates before I fuck a girl..

I understand people want to find their true identity or what the fuck ever, but they need to at least make them ugly girls... this shit isn't cool...


I would not touch anything in Thailand. Just to be safe.


TTT just because


I'd hit it. So what? Right in the fucking pooper too.


Um... yes that is a man with really good implants.
it is hard to make big boobs on someone that has none.
I'm sorry you did not find my response satisfactory... I did understand your OP.


I would definbitely hit it.



I didn't mean it like that.. it was late and I was just putting a post in the thread just to make sure anyone that comes across it figures it out.