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Uneven Upper Chest

I’ve noticed that my left Upper Pec is a significantly bigger and fuller than my right . I’m dominant with my right and i use dumbells for Upper pec work so im not sure on how to fix this imbalance? Anyone got any tips or ideas?

Post pics.

My bet is on you not having much size overall and needing to work on that first.

Get stronger and don’t use really bad form.

Get stronger and don’t use really bad form.

Have someone check your form to make sure both your elbows are following the same pathway. If you’re less than a year of hard training, you likely just need to fill in more. You will always notice issues with symmetry early on in the game. The bigger you get the more it disappears.

Unless of course you tore your AC joint, displacing your clavical 1" forward and taking your anterior delt along for the ride, thus placing it into a position that competes with your upper pec region on all pressing movements. But even with this being my case, my left upper pec is only slightly under developed. Few people notice unless I point it out.

Ive noticed paused reps work as well as dumbells maybe try some incline bb paused reps.