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Uneven Triceps


my left tricep is much more bigger that you can actually see the difference. I suppose that me being left handed also has something to do with it. But what could i do to equal then out??



I used to have the same problem about a year ago with my right tricep. It bothered the hell out of me until I started doing a new exercise. It was alternating lying dumbell extensions. I focused way much better on the contraction when I alternated. Now they are nice and even.


Start jacking off with your right hand. LOL

Do single arm pushdowns, cables, anthing that will isolate the area. Use more weight (of course)



I already tried that LOL... alright so just do alternaate tricep exercises to isolate the right tricep. Also should i do the normal tricep exercises i do plus a couple more sets for just my right tricep or do i do the same exercises im doing now for both triceps and just add more weight?

If i do have to do extra exercises just for my right tricep, which ones should i do, besides the ones already stated above?


Anything to isolate the tricep. Ideally do exercises that you can single arm. Cables are great for the single arm pushdown. Do single arm dumbell extentions, Just add additional weight to the weaker side until they are the same size and strength.

Good luck.