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Uneven Trap, Scapula and Hips, Side Pelvic Tilt

I’ve been training for 2 years when i noticed that my right shouder was falling down, infact in the pictures you can clearly see my right upper trap underdeveloped, moreover I lack of upwardly rotation of the right scapula (in the 3 months between the photos and now I went to a physio that helped me with the upward rotation that now works correctly, but the scapula is still depressed and my right trap is still undeveloped so I’m still asymetrical). I tried pretty everything, from the strenghtening of the serratus to any kind of overhead shrugs but I got very few results especially in the trap. I’m also thinking about a side pelvic tilt, because my right QL is very tight, but my hips seems simmetrical. Someone with similar prob? Thanks for anyone who will read and respond to this.

What was your lifting like when you trained for 2 years to develop these issues? Like what lifts, what kind of split?

What did you do to get the upward rotation back? If that stuff worked, can you use those techniques to fix your other issues?

Do you know anything about stretches and stretching? Do you know how to stretch out your hip flexors, glutes and lats?

This is the 90/90 position. You can spend time laying down like this to try to relax your QL and square up your hips.

This is the psoas muscle. When it gets tight it can pull your ribs and shoulder down and forward and pull and rotate your hip up and forward. Being twisted up like that makes it hard to use proper posture or move correctly.

You can try to loosen the psoas by foam rolling or massaging the muscles around your thighs/glutes/hips.

And stretching your groin


And hip flexors

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I was following a normal push/pull/legs, with normal lifts like overhead press or deadlift with good techique. One mistake I was doing was keeping the shoulder blades locked during some exercises like the one arm dumbell row that I believe caused me the downward rotation. I stretch a lot and I noticed that my left leg harmstring and hip flexor are more tight than the right ones. I also realized that my hips are simmetrical while I stand, but under pressure, like during a wall handstand, the right one collapses towards my right arm causing the right side pelvic tilt. I will try the stretch you wrote, thanks.

The upward rotation and the pelvic tilt are two separate problems in my case, the first one originated by the gym myth of always pulling the shoulder back and down, the second one originated by bad posture (I tend to stay one one leg while standing)

Do you have scoliosis? I have a slight/moderate scoliosis. My right shoulder is going to be a bit higher than the left no matter what.

I didn’t have it 3 years ago, I don’t know if it’s possibile to develop a scoliosis in the 20s.