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Uneven Soreness

I was just curious if it’s possible to be unevenly sore the day after a workout. What I mean is my left peck and left tricep muscles are more sore than my right ones. I was just wondering if that’s a big deal or not. Any help would be appreciated.

It means you’re inadvertently working the sorer side harder. I’ll bet a shiny new penny that on the less sore side you front delt is sorer too. I don’t want to start another big debate about the significance of soreness, but for me when this has happened in the past the sorer muscles grow faster by a readily noticeable amount.

If this is a first time thing, I wouldn’t sweat it yet. I’ve had a workout here and there were I’ve tweaked a muscle, and tweaks (for me at least) don’t often happen in pairs. It usually happens when I push myself just a bit too far and lose form. But, as long as you’re not injured, I wouldn’t worry about it, as it could be what I described above, your body adjusting if you’re new (and imbalanced), or a host of other things.

That said, if it’s something that happens consistently, then you might have an imbalance that needs tending to.

Hope that helps

Imbalance meaning, I’m lifting with my left more than right? If that’s the case any suggestions on how to correct it? I was wondering if it could be because my right side is already stronger than my left therefore the left is working harder, I don’t know, just my thoughts.

Well, if it truly is an imbalance, then unilateral work usually helps (with dumbbells). Just make sure that you use the same weight for each side, and don’t increase reps or weight until you’ve evened out.

Then again, perhaps the under-developed side could stand to use more work, as opposed to the same.

Hmm…someone who’s actually had to correct one want to help out?