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Uneven Shoulder/T-Spine Mobility


Hi guys,

As part of my warm up, I squat down and hold it at parallel. While there, I put the fingertips of both my hands on the ground between my legs, turn my torso, and reach one hand up towards the sky, while keeping one touching the ground.

The problem is, when I reach my left arm up, it stops about 20-25 degrees short or reaching straight up, while my right arm has no problems. It is pretty much a dead stop and I don't feel like I can push it any higher. I have no pain whatsoever in this joint; in fact, it feels more stable than my right.

Any suggestions? I guess stretching and maybe foam rolling (or a ball), but I'm not sure where to target w/ the rolling. Should I be focusing on stretching the pecs more?

Also, maybe these?