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Uneven Shoulder Development


Hello! I've been training for coming 2 years now and Ive gained some muscle, yay! However Ive accumulated some serious imbalances in my shoulders. My right shoulder is very round and capped. The left, flat and doesnt pop.

Ive been told to use DB's. I increased my seated DB press 25lbs each hand and it still hasnt resolved.

Is there any exercises to isolate the left shoulder without creating more imbalanced ie one trap larger than the other.

It is incredibly noticeable so any help is very much appreciated!!


Post picture of said imbalance.

What is your full program?


it's natural to have a slight asymmetry, there's little you can do about it really.

Are you doing much work for your rear and lateral delts?


-Everyone has some degree of imbalance. Luckily you can tailor your training to minimize this as much as possible over time

-I agree that DBs are great to ensure that each arm is doing its share of the work. Mirrors are also helpful.

-Good that your pressing weight has gone up, but IMO that's going to be the least helpful shoulder exercise in terms of getting a "capped" look. Lateral motions and a focus on the posterior portion of the muscle will have more of an effect for your goals.

Even though you've been training 2 years, what other physically demanding activities have you done that may have stressed one arm more than the other?
(ie. my brother was a baseball pitcher, his lower back musculature was pretty uneven before he ever touched a weight)



Its not even slight, its very noticeable! Yeah I have been doing the basics but focusing on my pressing.


Its quite obvious like if i wear a tank i get a comment saying about my delts haha. I got up to pressing the 95s for 5 reps and still I have imbalanced small shoulders. I dont have big delts but the right is wayyyyyy more developed. As for activities, none I could say of, but im sure it was to do with bench press (i no longer do)as i did have a very uneven chest.


focus more on rear and lateral delts. Pressing heavy dumbells for 5s isn't working


You need to figure out where your imbalances are, a lot of people just want to lift weights but they forget that to lift weights properly, they need to have the right machinery and mechanics for it. When you are young, you can "young" your way though it, sort of, meaning that you can get away with imbalances without pain or injuries BUT I promise that it will come back to bite you in the ass as you get older, and by biting you in the ass, I mean you will get injured, sometimes pretty badly.

Learn to stretch and massage regularly, and figure out where your imbalances are, if you cannot activate certain muscles then it simply means something(s) are too tight(too strong) while other thing(s) are too loose(not strong enough).