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Uneven Scapular Retraction

Here is a picture of me with my scapula retracted https://imageshack.com/i/poF2dKOkp

As you can see there is big difference from side to side which is really compromising most of my lifts(elbows are in the same position when bench pressing and shoulder pressing) My left shoulder is the ‘good’ one as I feel I have more scapular control on that side and no pain either, however on the other side I don’t feel I have as much scapular control and somtimes feel a tightness in my levador scapula and upper trap when I retract and depress.
Lately I have been focusing on strengthening my lower traps and releasing/ stretching my upper traps and chest but unfortunately the problom remains.
I would really appreciate some advice on what’s wrong and what I should be doing, thanks

you’re shrugging your left shoulder slightly and leaning a tiny bit to the right

Jerk off with the other hand for a while (sorry, couldn’t resist)

Are you deadlifting with a mixed grip?

Post a picture standing relaxed.

No I’m affraid that’s me retracting and depressing my scapula in that position…