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uneven pecs

Hey guys do any of you experience uneven bodyparts like pecs. My problem is that i have a bone sticking out of my left chest that somehow makes my left looks bigger than my right. Stregth wise they are pretty much the same. Is there any thing i can do or am i doomed with this problem for life. I am worried that if i were to compete next time this would be a negative point to the judges.

If bone structure is causing you to lack symmetry, then you may have other imbalances besides just your pecs. If you have the means, go to a sports therapist that can perform a full body symmetry analysis. This may open your eyes to a whole other type of training. You may have a slight malalignment in your spine or similar problems. Don’t worry, the problems can be corrected through proper weight training.

Otherwise, 2 reps on the weak/small side for every 1 rep on the big/strong side. Ideally cut your big/strong side’s volume in half.

I’ve got uneven balls.

Unfortunately, the only remedy for uneven balls is to go out and bang as many women as possible. If after 50 women they are still uneven, continue until symmetry is seen. Personally, I’ve been trying to correct my uneven balls since I was 14 and I’ve yet to correct them. I hope you have better results. Experiment with two to three women at once to compound results. Personally, I’ve not been able to test this yet.

From what I’ve read the whole imbalance training is a crock. That one must do exactly the same about of reps and sets for opposing muscle groups is unfounded. What ails you is probably natural for you and can not be changed through training. Talk to a Doc. if concerned.