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Uneven Pecs


Hey guys I have slight scoliosis (6 deg) it doesn't affect me except one shoulder is a little lower than the other, and i think that affects how I flex my pecs.

From this picture.. does it look like I'm flexing unevenly, or like my pec development is asymetrical?

When I bench I don't have an uneven push, but maybe I'm overcompensating with my shoulder on the lower developed pec side??


here is a flexing pic where it is more noticeable


back pic for shoulders


Are you serious?

Looks OK to me. YOu have far more to worry about that spine then about uneven pec flexing.

My spine is straight, but my pecs are more uneven, if that helps you.


I have no problems with my spine, a lot of people have a slight case of scoliosis. It won't ever cause me problems.. just seems like maybe it's causing me to flex uneven or lift unevenly.


Fun Science Fact Of The Day:

No one is completely symmetrical.



Is the scoliosis self diagnosed? It's the mildest case I've ever seen.


Someone should sticky that.


maybe not. i give up.


Hardly noticeable.


Get it checked out. The last photo is suspicious.


Nothing you can do about it. The dimensions of your your right pec are smaller in terms of length and height so the muscle is less volumous. I have the same thing going on with one of my traps and I hate it but oh well.


maybe it will even out once u put some muscle on em


Your left stapedius is clearly larger than your right. You had better have this imbalance addressed before it causes serious problems.


Don't be a twat. (props for humor, though)

I might not be able to tell for myself whether an imbalance is normal or not, but I am fairly well versed in physiology :slight_smile:

PS I can hear better out of my right ear. Weird, huh?