Uneven Pec

Hey guys, im 16 years old. 5"10, 160lbs. My bench routine looks like this:
Bench Press is about 155lbs for 3-4x8
Incline Bench Press 50-55lb db’s for 3x8.
Pec Dec: 4x10 (alternate between incline and decline)

My left pec has a totally different shape than my right one. I don’t think it has to do a lot with my genetics. I read that since my right arm is also bigger than my left, i use my right arm when i am benching as soon as my right pec becomes tired.

Anybody have any suggestions. It bothers me a lot and as my chest is getting bigger it seems to be getting more noticable.
Looking at my left side profile, the left pec looks chunkier (cant think of a better word) at the bottom/outside area of the pec. It looks a bit like it droops down. And the left pec completely overshadows the right one.
Looking at my right side profile, you can see my left pec.

heres the other side


Just focusing on benching more weight and they will start evening out.

im also at a light bodyweight, although im almost 24. alot of the suggestions you’ll get here are “you’re im 17 years old. 5"10, 160lbs, put on some mass, dont overcomplicate things and look into minor details like imbalances when you’ve got no chest, itll even out over time” etc etc etc.

all those comments would be…correct. ive wasted years worrying about petty things, just lift heavy, eat well, and grow. itll even out before you realise :slight_smile:

Yeah, mine’s the same way. See, my left seems fuller, and my right nipple is even a little higher than the left (!!!???). I think maybe it’s because I had surgery on my left arm and can’t really lock it out on pressing movements, so maybe that made it fuller, the constant tension on it.

so should i switch to dumbbells for a while or stick to using the barbell for benching?

Stick to the barbell bench press until you can lift at least 225. then you can start with the bodybuilding stuff but right now you need strength and size! At one time my pecs were “inbalanced” when I was 140 @ 17. Just “shudup and lift”

i have the same problem, only it’s my left peck, i isn’t noticeable to others unless i’m pumped up after a chest workout and have my shirt off but i can tell every time i look at myself shirtless that it’s uneven.

so yeah i would like some incite on this too.

left pec bigger, no big deal.

You should see a dermatologist about that black stuff on your face. (sorry had to be said)