Uneven Muscles

Gday Fellas,

Just a newbie to the forum, friend suggested i would be able to get some help here with my eneven muscle problem.

Ive been training on and off for about 2 years this problem is starting to bother me.

My left shoulder esp. the front of the shoulder (front deltoids?) and the very upper part of my pec (Towards shoulder) is bigger then my right side. and vice versa my right pec is bigger then my left.
oh and my left trap looks more developed then my right as well but i think that maybe because the way my left front deltoids is bigger and pushes the traps back??

whenever i do my chest (Bench incline flat or declcline, dumbell press, dumbell flyers… basically any chest exercise) i feel my left front shoulder burns crazy as if im working that muscle and not my left pect. my right shoulder has no problems.

Ive had people look at my form and everyone says its perfect the bar comes up straight equal no shakin or anything. im benching bout max 100-110kgs at the moment i even tried dropping like doing 70kgs but same problem my left starts to burn.

for this very reason i think me left shoulder is overdeloped and my left pec underdeveopled compared to my right…

it doesnt seem like a common problem, i know generally people get a problem but its usually one side smaller than the other, that seems easily fixed (ie. work the weaker side more) however if i work my left chest more im bound to grow my left shoulder too and if i work my right shoulder more to catch up to my left my left pec will still remain smaller then right… does that make sense? does in my head…

can somone suggest anything?

Use dumbells for bench press, it will make each side do the same amount of work.

Sounds like a weak back to me.Working rowing movements with the same grip and angle as my pressing movements got rid of shoulder pain.