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Uneven Muscle Growth


Hey I'm new to the forum and fairly new to weight lifting. I've been working out consistently for about 3 or so months now and have noticed that my right side (I am right handed) is bigger than my left side. I believe part of this has to do with me playing sports when I was younger and depending on my right arm for everything. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to fix this. Thanks for your time and I appreciate any help I can get.


Oh, first of all - judging by your weight - you have very tiny muscles. The difference must be barely visible I think...

Be able to do at least: DB row with 100lbs, curling with 50lbs, benching 200lbs.

If you can do that, check yourself in the mirror again and you'll be fine by then. Good luck!


I second Thorax's advice. You're 140 lbs. It's very slight, if it exists at all.

Get stronger in basic compound barbell movements. Chances are, it'll go away. If it still exists after you've added 200 lbs to your squat and 100lbs to your bench, throw in extra work for the weak side.

(example: when doing a bench press, your right arm is much stronger than your left and throws off your form. Fix this by adding an extra couple of sets of unilateral dumbpell bench presses with your left arm).


Shit man. What the hell did you go and do that for? Fuck. You're screwed now. Way. To. Fail.

Seriously though. Look at my avatar. My right arm is bigger than my left. Can you notice? Me neither, so stop worrying about it.

This happens to everyone.


i know i'm small and have "tiny muscles" and the thing is that i'm just worried that its going to progressively get worse as time goes on and i want to figure out how to prevent that from happening.


It probably won't get worse, if it does you can deal with it then, so long as both sides of your body are equally strong it shouldn't be an issue, at least not to the extent anyone but YOU will ever care.


It wouldn't matter so much, unless you do more weight with your right arm but that would just be silly


use your left arm for everything for the next 2 weeks around your house and see how it works.

use your left arm to open the door, flick the remote, to eat, drink, or if you play basketball dribble with it..... you get the idea.


someone with a LBM of 150lbs could do those lifts.