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Uneven Length Legs. What Exercises to Do?


I'm a female, early 20s. This is not in response to acute trauma - I've had this as long as I can remember ... maybe it's just gotten gradually worse, not sure. For the record, this is a completely FUNCTIONAL issue. I've already had an xray and both legs are exactly the same length anatomically.

Here's the issue. Right leg is short. I stand with my left leg totally straight and my right leg completely off the ground. I'm also super inflexible (always been). I'm a good 1/2 foot away from my toes when I stand up and try to touch my toes. I'm pretty sure my hip flexors are damn tight as well because when I was very young (~5-6 yrs old) I couldn't even sit down on the ground without feeling too tight and I actually went to O.T. (occup. therapy) as a child. I also try to bend my leg and hold my knee and push it into my chest and I'm about a foot away if that's any indication as another hip flexor test.

What can I do to bring down my short leg? It's causing scolosis in my spine and very uneven shoulders if I stand without putting my right foot on extreme tippy toes. I went to a chiropractor a few times and he straightened out my pelvis and just told me to lay down and do hamstring stretches, which I feel wasn't even doing much, and I've stopped doing those anyway because I don't want to waste my time. My hamstrings are very tight, if that matters. For example when I try to stretch them and bring them down towards me, I can barely make my legs perpendicular to the ceiling.

Any help? I'm very overwhelmed and don't know what to do :frowning:


First and foremost: these are common issues that can be corrected. Please do not stretch your hamstrings, as it has the potential to make things worse.

Where are you located? If you are within the U.S. I can direct you to a directory of professionals that will be able to straighten you out (pun intended).


Hi, I'm located in Bergen County, NJ. I have been searching for relief for this issue for a long time, but it's just so hard to find details. All I hear is to "stretch", and all I'm thinking is ... stretch what? where? how long? how many times a day?

I really appreciate the prompt response!


As common as the issue is, it is nearly as common for people to receive lousy advice and ineffective treatment for it from a variety of well-meaning healthcare professionals. Please do not stretch anything -- it probably won't help, and may actually hurt.

The key for you is finding a Postural Restoration Institute Certified physical therapist. It looks like you have several options near you in New York. You can use this interactive map (https://www.posturalrestoration.com/find-provider) to see your options.

It is of the utmost importance that you go to a PRI certified therapist, and not someone else. Postural Restoration Institute folks have this figure out. Other people do not.


Thanks so much! I haven't heard of these programs, so I'll definitely check them out.

And yes - the stretching has been hurting, and that's another reason I've stopped. I've even tried this glute stretch (for a day only, LOL) like this: fitness-training-at-home.com/image-files/glute-stretches2.jpg My glutes must be so tight because all I've felt is bad soreness in my knee, no pulling where I was supposed to feel it.

Hopefully this program may also be able to help with my hyperlordosis that makes me look pregnant despite being underweight. Gosh, I am a mess. I'm pretty sure that problem is due to my coming out backwards and twisted wrong out of the womb.

You've been a huge help! I appreciate it.