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Uneven Legs?! How?

Well, I don’t look at my legs much, but when I do, my right one is noticebly bigger. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? I know I just can’t press a button and have it be fixed, I’m just wondering if I just need to keep doing my regular routine and it will all balance out?

I can only imagine the responses I am going to get…

unilateral leg work, start with your weak side and do only as many repetitions with your strong side as you did with your weak, even if you do not fatigue your strong leg

I have nerve damage in my left foot, so this is a constant battle for me. The best exercises I’ve found are the single leg DL and the single leg squat.

It probably has nothing to do with gym time, and everything to do with everything you do outside the gym.

Start looking at how you take the stairs, etc.

In my case, I have to do assisted pull ups. Climbing up onto the machine, i lead with my left foot every time. So over the course of weeks, my left leg is pushing my body up maybe a hundred more times than my right! I’ve since corrected this. Everything involving your legs. you may be jumping off the other one more, etc.

Alright, thanks everyone.

my left forearm is bigger cuz i masterbate with it:)

After 4 years of skateboarding 4 hours a day in one stance my right leg was way bigger and stronger than my left when I started.

I didn’t do unilateral. I did squats normally with emphasis on keeping the bar level and not favoring my strong side.

It’s almost balanced now.