Uneven lats

Ah, the old “I’m inbalanced question”. My left lat is bigger than my right. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to correct this problem? I’ve been doing one armed underhanded dumbell rows and one handed pulldowns (left side only) Should I be doing these before movements that involve both lats? After? Superset? I’m somewhat wary of pre-fatiguing because it always seems that the right side just picks up the slack, instead of the left working harder. Any thoughts? peace, Rm

I think you are on the right track doing db work, why not try some pre fatigue with db and weak side first? pullovers, prone rows, prone flys etc all doing L then R but stop 1-2 reps short of L side no.

Is there a marked strength difference from side to side? Are you 100% sure that you aren’t paranoid about a sitch that no one else could notice? I have heard that ART has helped pros with calf development. I think that training with dumbells is a great idea, but training the weaker side first and equalling that on the stronger side. I wouldn’t train drastically different from side to side. Good luck

You could also look at going to a chiropractor or deep tissue therapist. It could be a neuralogical problem. Do you have trouble flexing your left lat?