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Uneven Lat Growth


I noticed the other day that my right lat is larger than my left by a pretty decent amount. I think this is due to not switching my grip enough when i do deadlift (since then I have corrected this) Anyone have any suggestions on how to get my lats more symmetrical?


I've got the same problem. My right lat seems to be longer while the left stops more abruptly. Probably from mixed grip deads as well.

Interested to see what can be done to fix this.


I doubt that grip you take on the deadlift has determined how your lats grow. I'm sure if you just add mass all over your body they will even out. How tall and how much do you weigh?

If it really is a BIG issue, then maybe start doing some one armed HS rows for the weaker side to help balance everything out.


6'3'' 290 I've been doing cobra lat pulldowns for isolation and lots of wide grip pull ups paired with lat pulldown. Thanks for the input though ill give the rows a go.


Do a lot of 1 arm cable rows and 1 arm DB rows and try to even the bitch out.
Obviously when you're using both arms, one arm is overcompensating for the other.


Look like I'm going to be doing one arms for awhile...


Amen on that - use only dumbells on your back day and chest day, no bars for a while - il will correct itself.




Agree with this...you can also try doing rack chins or pullups, etc while focusing on pulling to the left side - will just take some serious mental work to make yourself pull with the left primarily over the right.


thanks for the tips anyways