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Uneven Hips/Obliques (Lateral Pelvic Tilt)


Anyway, I’m pretty sure I have uneven hips but it’s hard to tell which one is actually higher from the pics. The gap between my right arm and my right hip is bigger compared to my left side,my ribs protrude more in the left side and my right pec appears to be bigger, like there is more place for it to develop on the right side.Will post pics later if this info isn’t enough to tell which hip is higher.

And no,it’s not scoliosis actually.i had x rays done when I was 18 and my spine was perfect back then.Then I started playing video games 24/7 for 2 years straight with horrific posture (I also have apt) and slouching on one side more.This could have caused a twist in my spine??But this isn’t scolios if I’m not miataken


Maybe weak glute?