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Uneven Garage Floor

What are some ways to fix an uneven floor under a power rack?

how uneven is the floor? You may able to fix it with a sheet of play wood or some gym mats.

Not terribly uneven. When I unrack the bar I can find a flat enough spot. It is more like uneven spots.

I had a similar issue, so I just used foam gym mats, that took away the wobble.

I don’t know where you live, but Tractor Supply sells hard thick rubber mats that go in horse trailers/ stalls. Only $25 -$40 depending in the size.

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Seriously, you squat on foam? Wow. Or switch your squat shoes for Nike Airs.

Use a plywood base under the rack and drill the rack into it. Better yet, drill through the plywood and into the concrete. No more wobble.

When did I say that? I put foam mats under my the post of my rack. I found it fixed my wobble.

OK, that sounds much better. Based on the OP’s posts it sounds like the problem is that he has an issue finding a place to stand, not that the rack wobbles. I assumed you were dealing with the same thing, and obviously squatting on foam is not a bright idea.