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Uneven Erector Spinae


My left erectors are lagging behind, it’s causing me pain and misery. When I do deadlift(arguably my favorite lift) and back extensions, I feel my right erectors doing a good bit of the work. Anyone have ideas for catching it up? I know isolating the lumbar muscles are difficult. I’ve heard birddog and SDL(what does that mean?).


I’ll bet several of your Earth pounds that one side of your hip is sitting higher than the other.

If so - fix that


My left erector is even visibly bigger than my right (physio told me that during a massage). But for me this doesn’t really cause problems other than occasionally some SI-joint aggravation and alignment problems. Which usually aren’t very bad or painful. I think for me my biggest problem which caused this is deadlifting with a mixed grip. So that is something to look out for maybe. She said to me if I avoid deadlifting with a mixed grip (which I do) it should resolve itself.

Other things to look out for: how is your hip mobility? Are there differences in external rotation between left and right? Is maybe one of your legs shorter? Is your hip tilted or shifted in any way? Are there any mobility differences between your legs (hamstrings, hip flexors, ankles)? Did you have any injuries in the past like a torn ligament in your ankle (I have seen this suprisingly often as the cause of dysfunction issues)?


Well the problem is my right side keeps taking all the load, which causes back pain( almost always on the right side), because it’s always working more than the left. I’m currently in Physical therapy, to try and fix it but I don’t know if it’s working. I just want an exercise the will load my left spinal erector, unilaterally so it can catch up. I personally think my hips are uneven but my PT isn’t sure… I am sure though. Idk I’m so frustrated. I put a lift in my left shoe and it seems to help with pain. But it’s too soon to tell if it’s helping with muscle growth



Look it up.

And 20 thingys…