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Uneven Development of Muscles


I have been working out from home with a few dumbbells and a EZ bar from a few time. I used to be total skinny but gaining a bit now.
But i have noticed that i am having uneven development of my muscles here and there. Like in my left lower outer pec, and my left lat(wing muscles), in my biceps also and a bit in shoulders also.
I am uploading an image also.
I workout on my own at home, i do not workout daily, I workout for a few days and then for some weeks i don’t. Also I don’t workout in sets, i do an exercise as much as i can a few times and then the other one.
I usually do
-Push-ups - 30 at least in a set and more as much as i can
-Pull-ups - 10-12 at least and more
-deadlifts - 30-30-30 (15kg)
-EZ bar curls - 30-30-30 (15kg)
-Standing military press - 30-30-30 (15kg)
-bench Dips - 30-30-30
-squats - 30-30-30

That would be very thankful if some of you can provide me any good advice in general and also for balancing out my muscles.
Thank you for reading.


Sweet baby james I hate these threads


Go lefty until you can land a girlfriend.


None of this is an actual problem. You’re completely normal. You need to worry about fixing your lower outer pec as much I need to worry about how I’ll introduce myself when I meet Arnold Schwarzenegger.

That’s fine. Nobody needs to workout daily.

This is a problem. Stop taking weeks off.

So… high rep sets.

Get on a better plan. Either try to save up and buy a few more weights to use or follow a better training routine. For example, doing deadlifts and squats for 30 reps with 15kg is accomplishing basically nothing.

To build more muscle and strength, use a weight that, instead of being able to do 30+ reps, it’s challenging to do more than 12-15. That might mean using different exercises like one-arm or one-leg variations (one-arm row, one-leg deadlift or lunge, one arm press, etc.)

What’s your specific goal?


Now, I am going to had to put a pic of my pecs on here, so you can help me with my insertions, just to irritate you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It looks like your trousers are a bit higher on the right, but you’ll need to remove the painting on your left to know for sure.

Unrelated, is that the Sydney Opera House?


More then welcome


Thank you so much for sincere reply, my goal is to gain massive weight and muscle.
I am thinking about joining the gym too now that you said about intensifying the workouts.


Agree! What is it as of late about guys posting about issues that are not even noticeable?


if you want to gain massive weight and muscle, you definitely need to join a gym… lol.

Apart from that, these threads are unfuckingbelievable. I tried hard to see an imbalance. I really did. The body dysmorphia on this site recently is something else.


@sssaini007 to get massive your going to need to lift more than 15kg. They body gets massive to adapt to the workload and stress you put on it. 15kg is nowhere near enough stress.

To get massive you are going to have to ask better questions. The guys that have already replied to u in this thread have a wealth of info/exp and are happy to help if you ask the right questions.

To get massive you are going to have to read and gather info and start applying the info. Only by doing this will you start to ask the right questions.

Good luck, it’s not as easy as it looks.


Do this, go and read some books or articles on this site about training and nutrition. Find a beginner workout you like the look of and follow it to the letter with consistency and intensity. Maybe after 12 months when you have built some more muscle then worry about which pec is bigger.