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Uneven Clavicle. Can I Do These Lifts?


Hi, I’m a 5"7 female, I started lifting a couple years ago - took a looooong break and got back into it recently. I’ve been interested in Olympic lifting for a while, but I’m not sure if I can physically do it.

I have a slightly twisted spine - which doesn’t affect my training usually but it means that the left side of my breastbone, ribs and clavicle are set a good half inch further forward than the right side.

I’ve attempted to front squat before but I can’t rest the bar on my collar bone without some level of pain.

Is there any point in trying to learn Olympic lifts or should I just stick to power lifting? Any tips on how to begin/learn to front squat with this issue?


You really fired me up for a squat workout, I don’t know why. I cancelled my workout because of a valid reason that seems to have expired.

Erm, my only advice for the front squat is that you have to work past the initial discomfort stage.

Once you get used to it, you’ll love it!


Make sure you do plenty of shoulder work. A lot of push presses. Maybe even of dumbbell front raises, and bench press if you’re feeling frisky!!

To compensate for your situation, you’ll need a really serious front rack position. Having bigger front deltoids and a lot of strength to keep tension with the elbows high will make a big impact here.

Otherwise, learn to meet the bar so you don’t have a big crash when catching the bar. Go make some big lifts and report back.