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Uneven Chest Size


I've been lifting steadily for about three years now. Ever since I can remember, one side of my chest is noticeably larger than the other. Whether I'm cutting down, or bulking up, they've never evened out. I'm almost positive it's more fat stored on one side but it has never gone down or gone away. Any advice? I'd appreciate anything


Dunno, most likely musculoskeletal vs asymmetrical fat deposition...got pics?


I'm all the way on the left..see how the one side of my chest is way larger? It's always been that way. I have very minor scoliosis, but I can't see that really being the source of the problem


Your chest isn't big enough to be this focused on irregularities...and no, there isn't shit you can do about genetic muscle shape other than gain more size so it isn't noticeable.

You guys are obsessed with imbalances when you don't have the size to support it. Very few people on the planet are perfectly symmetrical between their right and left sides.


I used strictly dumbbells for chest pressing movements and my chest evened out nicely. I know this is standard advice and nothing new but it worked great for me.


wow, way to contribute nothing at all "big guy". all i needed was an answer or suggestions, not an asshole response




And OP, you get instant credibility by posting pics.


How is what I wrote "nothing at all"? You didn't see "build more size so that it is less noticeable"? It needed to be highlighted?

Your a newb who got info yet apparently doesn't even realize it. If this were an issue of one side working more effectively, then dumbbells would be the answer, but your issue is genetic muscle shape meaning build more size so that the small discrepancy is less noticeable is THE answer to your question.

But this needed to be repeated.


Indeed the minor scoliosis isn't part of the problem. The pic shows a bit larger pec, not a way larger. And even so, it isn't that big of a deal because one side is dominant.


that article helps, thanks forlife


PX and Lanky both make good points. You're not really big enough to be too concerned about minor imbalances like that and try more dumb bell work. Like most people I always favored my right arm and I was a lot stronger on that side so I started doing concentration curls and I always started with my left arm, did as many reps I could then switched to the right and stopped when I matched the left arm.

After a few months I was doing the same number of reps on each side with equal intensity. A big part of bodybuilding is sculpting the body, perfecting it, but say you're carving the statue of David, do you whittle away at a tiny brick or do you get a big slab of marble to work with? Dorian Yates' philosophy on developing symmetry was to get everything as big as possible and the symmetry and balance will come.


"Your chest isn't big enough to be this focused on irregularities"

Agreed, and from what I see in the pic though I can't really see Anterior posterior diameter, and vertebral alignment you appear grossly normal with a slight difference in the height of the origin of pectoralis major at the sternum. Scoliosis can actually have everything to do with it, because that will have an effect on each rib as it articulates with the thoracic vertebrae and how it then attaches to the sternum. The overlying musculature will show abnormalities because if that. But like most people with minor imperfections, it probably stands out a lot more to you than to the average person looking at you.

Look up pectus excavatum and pectus carinatum and you might feel better about how normal you actually look.

Keep lifting!


Franco Columbu had an anatomical variant to his pectorals and it became legendary.

Sly stalllone has uneven pecs because he tore pectoralis major, ever really hear anybody focusing on that when they talk about his physique?


i'm no newb first off and ok, i understand what you're saying. i've always had a very hard time gaining size though. no 5x5 program or push-pull work has ever done anything, neither has sets of 8 controlled reps. im not looking for instant gratification but ive tried gaining size to balance it out.


While he may have used harsh words, you also may be a giant vagina.

If you take the time to read what he wrote, it is the best advices you can get.

No offense but if you've been lifting for 3 years you're behind the curve (unless you started out a 110lbs preteen girl,) considering your age. You need more mass before you worry about this shit. And the Janitor has a good point about DB's.

So pull your panties out of your crack and go lift some weights, eat some meat, and get more sun.

And yes, X is much bigger than you. He doesn't sleep at night, teleports through the posters on your wall to steal your TV, and has small calves.


I'm sorry, but why are you even worried about "push pull" or "5x5"? I have never worried about either and I am guessing I have made more progress. What happened to splitting your body up in a logical fashion that allows you to hit each body part effectively?


that makes me feel a lot better, thanks a lot. i didn't think it would've had much to do with it, but now that i think about it, one side of my back sticks out further than the other. i can see where this would make sense because the right side of my back sticks out where my left is further in.


There is nothing more irritating than small newbs who act like the advice of people much bigger than them is useless.


i dont find your information useless, i thought there would be more to it than genetics. but it's clear now, so thank you. any advice is good advice