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Uneven Chest Development


Hi, so as the name implies, my pecs are uneven. My left pce is bigger than the right. My chest exercises are flat bench press, incline bench press (both with barbell), and flyes. I was thinking that when i do flyes, going farther down with my right arm might gradually make my right pec catch up. Any tips on how to fix this? Thank you




I prefer not putting pictures, sorry.


have you been training for long? Chances are you developed this prior to lifting, so doing bench press etc should even out your pecs. One is getting more of a workout than the other, so should grow faster. my 2c


One arm flat dumbbell bench press.


How long have you been 'in the game', so to speak?

If you are fairly new to it, then the soundest thing to do is to not over-react but rather allow your two sides to balance out.

You could try incorporating more of these 'unilateral' exercises, where you move one arm at-the-time, but, for someone who has voiced similar concerns,

you should probably worry about lifting heavier weights, and you'll see both your pecs will grow into monsters. Given them a reason to balance out, you know?


I'm a beginner. I've been training for 2 months now, and i rest every 4 days


Don't worry about it. Two months is absolutely nothing.

Just get on a program and be consistent. After a year, let us know if you are still uneven.