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Uneven Chest Development or Gyno?


Just wanted to clarify something see what people think. Have had an uneven chest for a while now, and can’t figure out if it’s uneven chest development or gyno.
No strength imbalance between the two sides whatsoever, but my left side (right in the pictures) looks bigger and fuller at the bottom. So I’m not sure if it’s uneven chest development, gyno, or if I store more fat on the left side of my chest (currently higher body fat % than I would normally be).

What do you think?

  • 19 y/o
  • around 170lbs
  • Don’t know body fat % exactly

Looks like slight gyno.

Have you always been this thin or did you lose a bunch of weight? It looks like plain old body fat to me. Can you get some blood work done. E2 and prolactin are the two hormones that make gyno. They usually have to be over range for a long time like 8 months to a year.

If you spend more time working on your front delts and upper chest that will raise your tits and should help a lot.
Have you messed around with any AAS type of pills? Any strange vit or OTC stuff that could have boosted you E2 and prolactin?